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AOL Mail welcomes Verizon customers to our safe and delightful email experience I have never had an experience with as many outright lying thieves and crooks in my entire lifetime. Verison hires loser dweebs who have grown up being taught to steal, lie, cheat, and swindle..Anybody with an ounce of sense needs to avoid these jerks, and write a review.. Also, get a law degree as have I and sue these lowdown evil demons with the black heart of a criminal. Crooks, liar, and cheats.. almost all of them. Total demonic demons.Trying to reach Verizon is nearly impossible! All the email addresses, and fax numbers I have for them have proven to be inaccurate, and trying to reach them by phone to talk to a live person is even more difficult! I was told by Verizon that if I get spam emails to forward it to them, but by doing so, I got a virus on my computer, so now have to have costly computer repairs. Verizon’s Spam blocker does not seem to work very good! Verizon Security needs to do a better job and investigate!Until today I was a customer of Verizon. But my bill kept getting changed every month. I tried to work with the representatives of Verizon, but I kept getting the round around so I cancelled my contract. The woman who kept saying to call the head office confiscated my phone saying that she had the right to take any phone when a contract was cancelled. All my personal info was still in the phone, so I have no choice but to hold Verizon responsible if my personal info is comprmisedi purched varizon bb storm 9530 but after some month iam getting screen problam due to this iam unable to call any person plz help me.

I just wanted to send out my most recent experience. This is for a business account.I spoke with a guy named Bill Silvia. We were struggling to get the account info I needed, long story. Anyhow we lost connection so I tried calling back and the new rep I spoke with could not access the account at all, it was so frustrating. LUCKILY! Bill called me back! I was in shock! He was just so amazingly helpful. He was able to figure everything out for me, and I was not helping him at all. I just want to make sure he gets credit for doing such an awesome job, he went above and beyond, these days, its so hard to get that service (his patience, tone, everything made it easier!). I hope somehow he is recognized for this. Thank you Bill…you helped out so much!!Hello I was thinking of changing phone service to t mobile, for the unlimited data, is it possible for me to get roll over data usage

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  1. Find contact information for sales and Customer Service. Get help with your order, your account or your Verizon Wireless device
  2. it seems the in thing at verizon is to bring toHim in on a contract that claims a charge of $104.00 a month to which you add fees on top of fees. I am now being billed for $359.00. I just printed my payment to verizon for the last year, all Re well over the contracted amount. I guess you have elected me to be the scapegoat. I don’t think so! Verizon is a scam.
  3. For any type of problems regarding verizon,you can directly call our Certified Technical Professionals for getting resolved the related issues on Toll Free number @ 1-888-269-0130

Verizon customer service

Contact Customer Service. Community ForumCommunity. Resolution CentreResolution. Due to protective measures against coronavirus (COVID-19), we currently have limited Customer Service.. My installation for Verizon phone and Internet service was supposed to take place between 8-5 today. At 4:45 I went to the website and there was a message that my installation was cancelled for today. I never received a phone call, email or text that there was a cancellation. After being on hold for 45 minutes I was told that the reason my install was cancelled was because the tech did not have the necessary equipment. They could not give me a reason as to why I was not notified by phone or email about the cancellation. This is certainly not a good first impression with Verizon.Wire was pulled out at road but traffic and all that was needed was to reconnect wire but property damage occurred . Kept tell ing story to one customer serviced rep after another for close to two hours. Still not resolved, how can they still do business here in NJ ?Another exclusive feature is Verizon Fios. As soon as this feature was introduced, the users welcomed it with open arms because of unbeatable features and services. Huge data and fast internet are the highlight of Verizon Fios. Eventually, it focused on flawless streaming, downloading and watching online television flawlessly. All the associated problems related to Verizon Fios could be tackled with the help of Verizon Fios Customer Service. You can chat or call the experts at Verizon Fios Customer service number. As we know the impeccable importance of email, Verizon has kept this factor as its primary point to attract the users. So, the services of Verizon Email are accessible 24*7. All you need to do is to seek for Verizon Customer service number. Verizon experts provide the round the clock services to its users, all you are supposed to do is to dial Verizon Customer support number. So, if you are stuck with any issue, you can seek help from the Verizon Wireless customer service phone number. 검역 관련 절차는 탑승수속을 받기 전에 하셔야 신속하게 탑승하실 수 있습니다.

I am very disappointed in the Customer Service in your Clovis Office. I went into the store to discontinue a service for a new number that had been enter on my bill. I went into the store in January, because my phone was no longer working. I got a new phone and she gave me the Jetpack/Usb and as she stated there was going to be fee for this object unless I used it. Never was I told that it would include a new phone line or that there would be a monthly charge. If I would have known this I would have never left the store with it. So when I went to the store to have this removed the associate told me there was nothing they could about that and if I wanted it removed I would have to pay a removal fee of $150.00. Now I do not what this object I have no knowledge of how to use it nor do I use the internet, and I do not want to pay the fee. Your associate at the Clovis store did not relate any of this information when she gave me this to me, therefore, I feel that I was taken advantage of because of the simply reason of not being computer smart. Please make corrections to my name it’s Alvaro Alvarado Jr Thank you American Express offers world-class Charge and Credit Cards, Gift Cards, Rewards, Travel, Personal Savings, Business Services, Insurance and more

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I used to be able to look at text messages on my phone day by day now I have to wait until the bill is ready to view at the end of the billing cycle. How do I go back to view each day Xfinity Mobile customer Start here for Verizon Customer Service. Verizon Communications Inc. is a global broadband and telecommunications company. The company was founded in 1983 as Bell Atlantic.. Very upset with your customer service. I was on hold and phone for 45 minutes, was disconnected, and lied to. I asked the representative 3x what my bill was prior to the changes she told me $49 is what I was paying and now I would be paying $50 before tax I asked her 3 times if it was just about the same just $1 more and she said yes. That is not the case there’s a $15 difference in my bill now. We also contacted DirecTV their representative had a very bad attitude and clearly didn’t want to be doing her job. I was told the changes in my internet servuce would be done on 7/18. If this is done electronic with a single and no one coming out to my house why is it almost a week. I’m so disappointed so many levels. I need wireless service and this made up my mind not to go with Verizon wireless. I will also be searching for new service that’s more affordable, reliable, and better customer service.

Contacting Verizon Customer Service Center Verizon is a mobile phone and mobile Internet company located in the United States. Customers can apply for new service.. PHONE IS DEAD. This is the same exact problem you always fix outside. There is the same slight noise on the line. All wires are fixed tightly. The problem is OUTSIDE as usual. Please fix as soon as possible. Thank you. i was contacted vodafone customer care several times but they are saying that, sorry your BB pin has been blocked from verizon wireless for data or bis services.

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Our highly trained customer support team is available to guide you through the process via e-mail or telephone . View our latest feedback from our most recent customers in our TESTIMONIALS was 6-10 minutes and that she could have someone call me back instead. I said yes and gave her my phone #, but have not received a call.PS I hope the blank box at the bottom of the screen is the invisible SUBMIT button, otherwise there is no way to post this. Trusted by trusted businesses. Communications APIs Customer story. Revitalizing customer experience for MTD's dealer network with Vonage's Contact Centers 5G can cause multitudes of health problems and can kill you. President Trump has promised there will be NO government subsidies for 5G because he recognizes the dangers. The main reason that 5G is being pressed is that it is needed for driver-less cars. No thanks, I’ll drive my own car; it’s not worth countless lives and a drugged and sick population at any rate.

Trying to call about my service. NFL Red Zone is part of my package, but not allowing me to view. Finally after the seventh call and multiple times of being hung up on, I have been on hold for over 30 minutes.bad encounter with Verizon, 10 years a client of Verizon. my wife and daughter went to the Philippines for a month my 12 year old daughter sent text message from there. not knowing how much money it cost. Verizon international said that they sent text message to both phones, indicating the problem. my wife and daughter did not get any text about the charges. sad Verizon says I owe 1700.00 dollars. Retail is about customer service and managing inventory, and that means staying in touch and informed. Kyocera's rugged mobile devices are built to survive and thrive in the.. You can reach Verizon customer support at 1-888-294-6804 or dial *611 on your cell phone. If you run into any problems, you can call Verizon service support at *611 and get help unlocking your..

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I had a new account at Verizon the customer service representative told us that it's a flat rate in the entire USA the end of the month I got a bill over 250 dollars and there is no one to talk about it I AM A 7 YEAR VERIZON USER, LEAVING THEM ToDaY!! VERIZON HAS NO CUSTOMER SERVICE NUMBERS EXCEPT TO PAY YOU BILL. YOUR ONLY TWO OPTIONS AT THE CUSTOMER SERVICE NUMBERS ARE ‘PAY WITH PHONE CARD’ OR ‘PAY WITH CREDIT CARD’ THEN THE AUTOMATED COMPUTER HANGS UP IF YOU DIAL ‘0’. WHAT A CROCK FOR VERIZON. TERRIBLE LIES CALLING IT ‘CUSTOMER SERVICE’ WHEN IT IS ONLY A PAYMENT OPTION LINE. I want an explanation about changing the billing info to my name. It was under John Tillema, my husband, who passed away. I am low income and wanted to sign up with Life Line. I was told by a customer service man that my phone service would be shut down for days. I cannot be without, only phone I have. I will be coming home from surgery and cannot do without service. All it is, is a name change. HELP! Could we please cut thru the red tape. I was the one who always paid the bill.Poor quality. Walmart uses a third party company overseas to service Walmart sales of verizon cell and smart phones. They are a challenge to talk with and service is very substandard. I recommend buying from the companies other then Walmart for Smart phone prepaid and regular service. Compatible with any Verizon Prepaid Wireless plans. The Verizon logo and the Verizon Prepaid Wireless product images are registered trademarks of Verizon. Pay As You Go Per Minute Plan

time will help you if look 2 different company ok prepaid are regluar company donot get mad customer service they only doing there job okIts laundry list of features require time and effort to truly master, but the Galaxy S4 is the top choice for anyone looking for a big-screen, do-everything smartphone.Verizon is a mobile phone and mobile Internet company located in the United States. Customers can apply for new service, upgrade accounts and order accessories all from the official website. There is also a dedicated portion of the website for customers who need Verizon customer service support. Over the last year or so after we resumed service from Verizon, Verizon had threatened to cut off and did cut off our telephone and internet services numerous times and demanded unreasonable and unexplained charges from our office.

Now having reached the point that I have given up on S Note synching becoming active I decide to move on to another device, only to find out that I can’t do so unless I pay full retail price all at once because by 24 month contract is not up. I am only eligible for Verizon Edge if my contract is up or I sign a new contract. It would cost me $240 to break my existing contract with Verizon Wireless and honestly its cheaper to do that then to buy a device at full retail price. But when I am ready to break the contract it will not be to sign a new one with Verizon Wireless. I have had enough for your lack of care when it comes to existing customers. Not even the plan under which I purchased the Note II is still available if I wanted to pay the balance off of the 12 month payments and do another stretched device payment over 12 months. So again my only option is to purchase a device at full retail price paying it all at once today or cancel my contract and start a new one so that I would become eligible for Verizon Edge. Main Verizon Customer Service Phone Numbers: 1-844-773-4410 or 1-908-607-8001. You can also dial *611 from your mobile phone. Verizon Wireless Customer Service Phone Number (Fastest).. Verizon tech support for our home phone is located in the Philippines. OMG it takes HOURS to get any help. I have been a customer for over 40 years. How do they treat long-term customers? BAD, if I could switch I would but cannot as they have the only service like this in the area. I HATE VERIZON. Ohhhh I feel better now that I have given up home. Verizon wireless customer service - Get Verizon wireless customer support service phone numbers and toll-free numbers. You can connect to a customer care representative by call, email..


  1. I live in Italy , and I buy a galaxy S3 verizon from a military american. the only problem is that : i can use it for internet mobile , because i can’t find to set up the apn . Is possible to help me , please !!
  2. ute wait with intermittent nudges from me did no good. Commercials suggest that Verizon has my back. Hyperbole or hogwash?
  3. International customers can shop on www.bestbuy.com and have orders shipped to any U.S. address or U.S. store. See More Details
  4. I need to speak with a live person; not an Online Chat … I need to update my daughters’ Smartphone Password, but it doesn’t help me to send a Temporary Password to HER Phone !!!!!! There needs to be an option to send a Temporary Password to another Phone Number or Email address … when Parents need to get access to their Childrens’ Data Usage information … this is not the Smartest way to keep Security protected. It would be so much more helpful if your website included a real Phone Number to get real help and not just a runaround !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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This past Tuesday, June 14, 2016, my phone (912-271-1702)went into a “safe mode”. I did not know how to get it out of that mode. I went to Verizon, 764 Oglethorpe Hwy and “DJ” 678-709-4632 told me that I had a “bad” phone, that they were having problems with the LG phone – he proceeded to try to sell me a new phone. I said the Verizon Store on S. Main and General Stewart sold me the phone and I felt like they should replace it if the phone was a “bad” phone. He said I would keep having problems with another LG phone. I went to the other store on S. Main/Gen Stewart. Stephanie got the phone out of “safe mode” and said there are no problems with the LG phone. I could see another phone company (ATT or some other) saying I had a bad phone, but not Verizon saying I had a bad Verizon phone.I have a very imporant question.What are the odds of having a app of a hologram? What phone company would make it? How would hologram be made? Would it be easy enough for kids to use on projects?Would it be safe for everybody to use? Would it be male or female? How much would it cost? what deatails would be put in the holagram? How long would it actually take to make the holagram ? What color would the holagram be ? would it take long to put together ? please answer our questions thank you Get the Best Customer Service Support. If you want to launch a complaint and have a one on one communication with this telecom support team, then dial Verizon phone number I am a long time Verizon customer but I have almost had enough. We are having a feed problem with channels around 618 fox new, NatGeo discover. It started upstairs on both boxes 4 months ago only on 6-10 channels. Bars going across the screen and audio skips. Steadily getting worse and now it in the main box down stairs. I have called three time and went through the process of resetting everything …line checks and all to no avail. Talked with the virtual agent went through all the test numerous times. I called three times got Hung up on after waiting over an hour. Last night after waiting for an extended time I had to go. If I cant get this problem resolved shortly I am going to Comcast. The problem I think is at the panel in the front yard where the cover is lose. If you have ever had a satellite, the problem looks like a feed problem and not with household equipment problem. This is the last chance please have someone call me or come to the house. Terry L. Flohr (302) 547-6503 Sincerely,

Let me start by saying I LOVE VERIZON! I switched from Cablevision in 2007 and couldn’t be happier. I am specifically writing today, Sat, Aug. 24, 2013 to let you know that Mark Braglia, Verizon Technician is to be highly commended for his outstanding service. Because of a LIPA transformer in front of my house blowing out we were without power and Verizon service for a day and a half. On Fri, morning, Aug. 23 Mark came to the rescue. He detected the problem and within half an hour restored the power and checked each of our 4 TVs and 2 computers to make sure they were operating properly. Mark’s pleasant manner and excellent skills are certainly assets to your company. Each person my daughter contacted on the phone to report this problem was also very helpful. Thank you for outstanding service! Veronica White Top-class customer support available 24 hours a day by advanced AI, chat and e-mail. Over 18,000 customer reviews. 100% secure payment methods I called April 6 th about an over charge on my account I stated that this bill had been paid they didn’t have me down for an 3/11.16 payment of 46.36 the bank pays my bills.. It took me forever to contact someone and I finally did. They told me that they would credit my account for the mistake.. Now I get a bill for an extra 30.00 for there help? What kind of help is that? I’m very upset. Perhaps it’s time to change services? My account no# 980538423-00001.. I have not missed a payment the check no#CHF 516789596POS.. I want this bill taken care of the right way.. I paid my bill I will not pay an extra 30.00 for help.. Please fix this… Karen Delapoer

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Man! What a SCAM, this Company ISSSSSS!!! Bought a cell phone, was getting overfilled monthly, requested all bills by mail and they still were not sending me any monthly bills to my requested address. Then, on top of this, they attempted to charge me LATE FEES when I had repeatedly requested my bills be sent to a specific address. Is Verizon customer service any good? *pauses for laughter and humiliation to subside*. I've been a Sprint customer for a billion years and was for the most part happy with them, especially.. This doesn’t make sense because Verizon is not offering a discount on the device they are just letting you pay the retail price of the device over 24 months. Is this a device contract or a service contract? In either case its better to began anew with another carrier and their device edge program. My experience was horrible there is an order that has been made of which I SERIOUSLY wanted to change the address but since I am having trouble with that now I SERIOUSLY want to cancel the order right now.James W. Booth 36702 Kay Ave. Zephyrhills, FL 33542-3031 Phone & FAX: 813-788-7076 E-Mail: jimbooth91534@gmail.com

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  1. I paid Verizon a final payment of 69.32 over 3 years ago and they put a judgment against me in June of 2013 through a collection agency, now they want me to pay again, But it will not come off my credit report, I cant get a live person on the phone from Verizon they got there money why am I going through this on a paid bill?
  2. The only customer service you receive with Verizon is if you are purchasing something. The telephonic wait times are terrible. One has to take off from work just to make a phone call if you have a problem. Looking for another svc provider!j
  3. I am in Europe for two weeks and I made arrangements with Verizon before I left the US to have International coverage. This was important since I have very sick and elderly parents. I have NO coverage here!!! Please advise me as how to activate this coverage if possible. This is very dissapointing.
  4. This visit today was to complete a pending transaction of upgrading one line to a smartphone and adding a new smartphone to my plan. My original visit started in a Verizon store in Fitzgerald, Ga. and had it not been for Chris Miller in the Fitzgerald, Ga. store I might have just closed my account today. Chris was exceptional in his sales ability and in the detail of processing my request.
  5. Verizon: Where’s your safety net for people with unusual circumstances like me? Please email me ASAP to help me get a so I can see who’s contacted me and return their calls and texts via email.
  6. d recycling but which represent money I wish Verizon would use in other ways.
  7. I had been a prepaid custom of Verizon wireless since 06/11/2009.I carry prepay balance of 172.58 as of 12/31/2013. I used this phone for emergency use only. I forgot to renew the agreement. when I turn on the phone on 01/03/2014.I received a message VZW.FREE-MSG: your balance is on hold. you can still keep your unused balance 170.58. Just add money within two days of 12/31/2013. use a refill card or dial *611 8:29am 1/3/14. I went to near Verizon wireless store on 1/3/14 at 5:33:14 PM. I renew my account paid $8.00.only received a $5.61 balance. I did not receive my balance of $170.58 which I was prompt. I talk with custom service represent and site manage they would not credit my account back. I closed my account. I don’t think that is right for Verizon wireless to take my $170.58. I hope someone in management or the CEO. Fixed this problem. Please help, So this want happen to anyone else.

Landline has now been down for 4 days and counting. Customer service could not provide any status other than "it isn't fixed yet." DUH.FOLLOWING A VERY UNSUCCESSFUL EXPERIENCE WITH VERIZON ON MONDAY, JUNE 4TH, OUR DISAPPOINTMENT WAS ALLAYED WHEN MR. DAVIS APPEARED TO RESPOND TO OUR SERVICE REQUEST TODAY. HE WAS HELPFUL, PROFESSIONAL AND AN ASSET TO YOUR COMPANY. PLEASE RECOGNIZE HIM AS AN EMPLOYEE TO BE EMULATED. Phone Number of Verizon Customer Service is 1 (800) 922-0204. Get full detail information about the various services that Verizon provides. Find the correct customer service phone number to get in.. I have had problem with Verizon especially since march. it is impossible to get help. I have talked to several people and get nowhere regarding a bill, my family is about to leave Verizon, our problem has not been solved yet.

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You say your customer service is based in the US, yet I could not understand half of what the customer service rep I spoke to was saying. Also you have absolutely the WORST ‘hold music’ I have ever heard in my life!!! Customer service is a vital part of the entire experience—nearly 75% of customers who leave do so She's worked with Accenture, Intel, Verizon Wireless, and many more. She lives in the Bay Area.. Verizon has turned this over to four different collections agencies. I have written letters to each of them with a copy to Verizon explaining that these are fraudulent charges. The collection agencies have backed off, but Verizon continues to report this.This problem was preceded by Verizon offering us a “better plan” for our international calling only to NOT have it activated and our first bill was several hundred dollars of long distance calls. When we called to discuss the billing they said this was an error and we would be credited. THEN shortly there after they blocked long distance outgoing calls but continue to charge for the service…..Why is the phone cost the highest when I am looking at a 2yrs contract. @ Verizion cost for the htc desire 526 phone is $120.00 Verizion repay phone is $89.99 and the same prepaid phone @ Walmart is $64.99 . Is the phone with a contract a better phone or are all the same phone.

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On the evening of March 14, I called your 800 number to complain about a charge on my bill. I went through my entire complaint three different times with three different Customer Service people and got absolutely nowhere. On March 12th, a technician arrived to install our internet service and left a very large, six by four foot, oil stain on our driveway. This was the very day we moved into our new home.

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I have had nothing but problems everytime my contract is close to ending or, the other two phones on the account have ended. I have chatted and chatted until my phone won’t even attempt to chat and instantly closes upon trying to chat with Verizon. I have 3 phones on the service and they are all getting swapped ASAP. This is rediculous and they won’t even give me a credit or, anything. It takes 12 hrs or, more to receive a text and I can’t even send texts half the time or, they say they didn’t go and have went etc. I am sick of their so, called service and a month later still having the same issues. Really????? You value your customers I call this BS. I am over the crap I work FT and my bill is over $200 p/mth and it is impossible for me to send or, receive a text half the time. I have done everything they recommended and still no resolution. Hope you enjoy loosing another customer I mean 3 accts I thought service would mean more to Verizon than this but, I guess my acct is peanuts……..The last person I spoke to in your Billing Department, as did both of the other people I talked to, kept saying over and over again Verizon had not received my January payment of $60.11.

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  1. Apply to Customer Service Representative, Sales Representative, Collection Representative and more
  2. I was a Verizon customer for many years and completely satisfied until recently when my iPhone failed and Verizon charged me $299 to replace it even though I had been paying $9.95 for the warranty for many years. I was given so many different reasons as to why they would not honor the warranty. One person told me my broken phone was returned late even though I had a text message from Verizon showing they had received it. Another person told me there was a $299 deductible while yet another person told me that the damage to my phone was too extensive for the warranty to cover it. Either way I feel ripped off so I went to a competitor instead who has better service and charges me literally half of what Verizon used to charge me. Apparently Verizon has too many customers now to care whether they keep their customer base happy.
  3. so called. customer service not so good..most of the time..I used Verizon for 25years..and every single time I had an issue with my phone...even WITH their warranty..that I always paid extra for...they..
  4. I just received a recording asking me to complete a survey regarding my recent problem with Verizon. The phone number to call was given so fast I was unable to write it down. I would like to take the survey. The only numbers I can recall are 855 and possibly 672. Please let me know how I can complete the survey as I am not pleased with the service I received from several people in India. Thank you very much. Virginia Jackson
  5. Our property sits on protected land and drains into a large pond. The damage to our property aside, this is also an environmental issue. To completely ignore the issue is inexcusable.
  6. In reading comments from others it seems extremely patronizing of you to ask for comments (everything I see above is negative) and NOT CHANGING ANYTHING. When my phone line does come back I am calling Bright nHouse, that is the only way I see right now of being able to not have this nonsense happen again going forward. I HATE Verizon
  7. Almost impossible to speak to a human,tried calling 5 different numbers, asked to punch so many buttons,followed instructions, then system would hang up.one time the computer asked me several questions, then after waiting no response. very frustrating….

Its been over 8 years and the relationship with Verizon Wireless is becoming less and less of a relationship and more and more of a bad divorce that has alimony attached to it and mal-intent. You don’t care about just one customer out of millions so this will probably just fall on deaf ears. I know that all carriers have their good and bad points but the least they could do is work hard to keep the customers they already have especially when they have remained loyal and paid their bills on time and never had any bad debts.Last month I talked with customer & got my Bill straighten out. Now yo keep sending me a $10.93 Bill via email. My amount due is not until 9/23-29,why do U confuse your customers month after month. Maybe I should go with Vontage or file a complaint with the FCC ? Also U make it too difficult to contact via email,that virtual contact is useless !I WISH TO THANK ZERIZON FOR YOUR REP.(DAVE GILBERT) HE MADE A SERVICE CALL AND REPLACED MY BATTERY PACK, MY PHONE, TV AND INTERNET DID NOT WORK DUE TO A BAD BATTERY, MR. GILBERT WAS VERY KIND, POLITE, I’VE BEEN IN CUSTOMER SERVICE FOR THIRY YEARS, NEVER MEET A BETTER CUST. SERV. PERSON. THANKS FOR YOUR SELECTION OF EMPLOYEES. GUY ROBBINSwould you please turn my phone on I’m expecting a phone call from the US Treasurer and also fall with out any help will lay there please

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NEED 2 THINK IF YOU GET BETTER DEAL FROM VERIZON? IF NEED 2 CHECK OUT OTHER PREPAID COMPANY ARE ATT SPRINIT ARE ETC GOOD LUCKWant to give a mega commendation about your representative Jennifer N. at the Coors & Montano store in NW Albuquerque, NM. As a long term customer, I have visited different branches frustrated about either my cell usage or glitches. After being met w/so many uninformed and incompetent representatives, FINALLY there is a JENNIFER N. Time after time Jennifer has taken sometimes hours to test, reset and correct any and all issues beyond my satisfaction. On any given day, she has always been more than efficient, patient, personable and pleasant. No one could ask for more in a representative. Thank Verizon for having someone of her caliber to reach out to. Jennifer is a FIVE star feather in your cap!

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Do you have a program to notifiy callers that you do not accept solicitaiton calls….my family in Idaho has such and it tells callers who are soliciater to hand up or press one to connect to your caller… We get ten of these a day and are on the no call list.the comments are correct. You hide the customer service phone number. Thes many searches to find it. Then I need toi get thru 12 prompts, each one requiring me to provide my phone number. This is BS.Verison is the the worst ever in customer service, help, fair and honest dealing, telling the truth, and the BEST at lying, cheating, deceiving, betraying, and blatent false representation. BEWARE.. get everything in writing, and have a WITNESS. Otherwise, the crooks will cheat you out of your last dime..I am so unhappy with Verizon today. Paid my bill and activated a new phone. Now I can’t do anything with my new phone because it says I have insufficient funds. Yet I paid it an hour be for I switched phones. I called the Penn Yan ny office and its come in tomorrow and we’ll see what we can do. Nice to know my business is worth your time

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you got att and verizon and t-mobil and sprint and etc all 4 are good company you have pick one of them and service they give okI have been over 4 hours trying to get a real person to talk to . I needed help with my home phone and it is impossible to get thru to Verizon customer service . We provide unlock service for all carriers and phone brands by best price. Automated phone unlock service. 1. Select product and place order. 2. Receive your unlocking code by e-mail

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There are several Verizon Customer Service phone numbers; it depends on what you need to do. Customer Service Main Phone Numbers 800-483-1000 - Customer Service (General).. Several days ago I wanted to obtain an upgraded phone for my wife for Christmas I contacted the local Verizon store I was told because we had up- graded her phone sometime back We were not eligible for a no charge update Upon learning that I contacted Verizon Customer Service Thinking haven been a good customer for over 10 years Perhaps something could be done No problem I was told The plan was to replace my wife’s phone with the new one I would continue service with the phone I had There was some question as to just what my new monthly charges would be I was told the rates would be checked out I was to call back to complete the order Information as to our conversation I was told it would be noted on the computer file So when I called back the details could be completed The new phone would be shipped in time for Christmas As agreed I called back to complete the sale I was told at that time an upgrade could not be made because the current phone had been updated Well I understood that However I had been told it could be done Needless to say I was very disappointed I had thought because we had proven to be valuable good customers that the upgrade would be allowed Checking our records you can see we have two cell phones in service plus our land line phone Saying nothing of paying for our services promptly Company rules must be followed However sometimes good customers need to be rewarded……. What do you Think?

Call Verizon Email Customer Service Technical Support Phone Number To Contact Verizon Wireless Customer We provide customer service support number's to make your support experience easy I received a new ASUS mobile phone and was having problems transferring from the old phone to my new phone. Verizon is my provider. I visited the Verizon store in Edenton, North Carolina to get some help. I was greeted by Bridgette and she helped me with my new phone . She was very professional and cheerful plus she knew exactly how to make the transfer from phone to phone. I will definitely recommend this store to my neighbors and friends. It is a great store with a professional staff. We provide you with Verizon Customer Service Number by calling 1800 837 4966 + . We offer a fast and easy way of getting customer service numbers of thousands of companies all over the world

Today we have used a very rare day off to call Verizon Customer service. At this time we are currently still on the phone after 3 hours. We have an international calling plan which for some reason that NO ONE at Verizon can tell us was blocked back in MAY 2013. We would periodically call relatives overseas only to get a message that the the call could not go thru. VERIZON blocked that service but continued to CHARGE us for the plan. NOW they are telling us it is OUR FAULT!The amplified interference of the technology in our lives clearly states the immediate need of it. For most of our official or personal work we are dependent on technology. We do need high speed internet to proceed with our work. Since the inception of Verizon, it won millions of heart as it rejuvenated the meaning of communication. Eventually, with enhancing feature and amazing updates it not only enhanced the performance of the product but eventually attracted a lot of users towards it. With the passing of years, its popularity graph kept on increasing. Even the Contact Verizon Customer Service number is accessible round the clock for your help and services. Verizon appears to be the deadly combination of the services. It provides high-speed internet, act as systematic and fast email service provider and it also offers the live-streaming facility. In this fast moving and extremely competitive market, Verizon has established its name. Especially, for different corporate and business oriented companies, it has set a huge example.Greetings, I have been a loyal Verizon customer for many, many years. Since I moved to Florida in 4/2017 my phone reception in my home is terrible. I have talked many times to the Verizon reps to solve my problem. I got a Network Extender and that solved the problem. Since it was a Verizon problem I feel I should pay not pay $ 249.99 for the Network Extender. Considering I have been a long loyal customer to Verizon I feel Verizon should give me the Network Extender at no charge. It’s good customer relations to take care of your loyal customers. Please credit my account $249.99 in good faith. Thank you, Richard Rebstock

I am troubled by the wasteful expensive advertising I get almost every week in the mail from Verizon trying to sell me FIOS services.Requesting to Verizon corporation. Advertisements. Fire Odell B. Disrespectful. Disgusting. Gross. Despicable human & Verizon representative. Also, he needs to be fired from the NFL. Already a patriotic country boycott. SIDE NOTE: Looking on internet. “Contact Verizon corporation”. It is bad. Customers not happy. Corporation problem. After reading many Verizon customer complaints against corporation. Would never, I hope have to shop with Verizon. Terrible.I used the troubleshooter 1st thing this morning and got the following message: “Unfortunately, I did not find any phone lines associated with this account.” Well, there was a line associated with my account last night so I got on the online chat. I was told there was an outage in the area and technicians were working on it. That was 10:32 AM. It is now 7 PM and still no dial tone. I checked the NID and no dial tone there either. Each time I get on the chat module I am told to use the troubleshooter. I use the trouble shooter and get the same message all over again. Attempts to contact Verizon by emal failed miserably. Customer service in my opinion is a total bust.

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Today I visited your Newnan, Ga. store at 191 Newnan Crossing Byp. and I can say this is probably one of the worst customer experiences I’ve had in years and years, if not forever. This is to alert Verizon that if they continue to install any 5G technology, particularly in North Carolina where much of my family lives, I will be canceling my Verizon account, which I have had for many, many years, both as a business customer with Coldwell Banker and later as a retiree.I am writing to complain about property damage your technician caused to our new home at 451 Gilbert Stuart Road in Saunderstown, RI. Our account # is 154-529-804-0001-09.

I am CONTINUALLY receiving calls from your billing people. I have requested that it be STOPPED. This is NOT A REQUEST ANY LONGER Verizon and T-Mobile Top New Customer Service Survey. Resolution rates for phone-based customer services among US carriers. 748 x 357 pixels Regarding BILLING ERROR & RE: CANCELLATION; My name is Sameerah Hatcher. I am a dissatisfied unhappy customer. My home telephone # is I have been trying to cancel this phone service due to the results of you not repairing the service . I have taken off from work 3 times and you have failed to uphold your end of the agreement within the terms and conditions of services. Since the ending of July 2015 I have had no phone service. Technical Issues from what I have been told by the employees at your company. two of the latest appointments you have called me to cancel the appointments – your excuse for showing up is that you have overbooked your technicians. Then you have the audacity to send me a bill for the month of August thru September knowing we have no phone dial tone/ service. Please escalate this to Billing management and cancellation management and send me a final bill. Also this is a request to mail and email me a hard copy of receiving my request of cancellation and bill correction. My address is 560 Christopher Street 2R Orange NJ 07050. Thank you and I anticipate that you will respond not no automated canned response email but an email from upper management. As I understand the clerk getting this email may not have the authority to both cancel the account & send me a final CORRECT ADJUSTED BILL. After cancellation I do not wish to get any solicitation from your organization. Verizon Wireless - My Verizon Online Sign In - Discover the latest Cell Phones, Smartphones Verizon Wireless is a wholly owned subsidiary of Verizon Communications. As of August 2015.. While on vacation last week in Florida, I had an issue with my Apple IPhone and took the device to your store located at 923 N. Collier Blvd. in Naples. Blaine Whitfield the Operations Manager assisted me and he could not have been more pleasant or helpful. He was able to initiate the necessary measures to restore service to my device without interrupting my existing data and contact information already on the phone. Admittedly I am not computer savvy, and Blaine was very patient and went out of his way to explain the problem and to assist me. You are indeed fortunate to have employees of Blaine’s caliber within your organization. He embodies the true spirit of customer service.

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Now it is up to us, the customers, to vote directly with our pocketbooks. If 5G is installed in NC, I will be cancelling my Verizon service. I urge other customers to do likewise. Customer Service. Register your Honda Financial Services account to access our convenient online account tools What a nightmare!! Changed address ( in the same state ) and the problems seems to multiply with every bill we get. We were quoted a good price , but when we received the bill nothing matched and the one bill we were enrolled in was terminated, none requested that. After being on the line with various departments for about one hour the line dropped and a busy signal was the only sound. Frankly after being a customer for at least 25 years we are ready to shop for another carrier.Re: Lack of adequate customer service and poor quality television service. I have been trying to reach someone for sometime about the poor quality Fios TV service we have been receiving since we upgraded our Fios service. On a regular basis while we are watching TV the sound will drop out briefly (3 to 5 seconds) or is garbled and sometimes the picture is scrambled. This happens on whatever channel we are watching and indifferent to the time of day we have the TV on. The other complaint we have is the range of the wi-fi which seems the same or less than the Comcast service we used to have. I want someone to contact me to get this resolved.

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I am very unhappy with all services from Verizon FIOS. I expected alot more from this company- I thought I was dealing with a credible company of which they are not. I was relocating and needed to acquire new service as my current provider was not in my new area and I chose Verizon FIOS- wrong choice! I scheduled an appointment for my new service on January 24th- my husband waited all day and no one showed up! I call customer service and was told someone turned on my service remotely and they wanted to walk me thru how to connect the modem- really this is good customer service? I would never have set up for this type of install as I had 2 other TV to hook up- they both needed wires run. I was told that someone would call me by 12 noon on 1/26 with a solution- no one called until 6p. I had at that point called Xfinity and scheduled an appointment for service of which I am very happy with. Now I am getting a bill from Verizon FIOS for over $200.00 for the modem we have tried to return to them- I have called, taken it back to Verizon stores who will not accept it back and when I go to the website to get a UPS return label I can’t get in to order it because I do not have an order #. Is this how Verizon FIOS makes its money off the backs of hardworking people?WHY does Verizon bug you on internet about payment 3 weeks before it’s due??Also,suddenly I have a new set up when I log in..I have to search for e mail.They set my internet up and all I get is messages about what I need to change!!All this included what I am paying is not what they offered in their come on snail mail.Why don’t they have an e mail for the common person like me? DISAPPOINTED SISTER JEAN KETTELLI have had the same experience as the client above. Verizon Wireless customer service is absolutely absurd. They do not know the meaning of “customer service”. I tell everyone I know DO NOT USE VERIZON WIRELESS UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE!!!! ALL THEY DO IS TRY TO MAKE YOU PAY MONEY YOU DO NOT OWE THEM. WHEN YOU DO GET TO FINALLY TALK TO A HUMAN BEING …. THEY HANG UP ON YOU!!Why? Because you are responsible for Yahoo, and Yahoo is pushing the Leftist Huffington Post over all other (real) news like it was their (and YOUR) f’n baby!

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Even the Contact Verizon Customer Service number is accessible round the clock for your help and services. Verizon appears to be the deadly combination of the services Recently moved to China to teach..Before moving, customer rep stated, when I get there, dial *611 to deactivate account, and switch over sim cards to ones purchased in China. Unfortunately, *611 won’t go through. No calls will. I can’t contact them. There is no email to contact them. And I’m still paying for a service I can’t use two weeks later. What gives!!! Shiesty until the end. Huh Verizon??so called .. customer service not so good..most of the time..I used Verizon for 25years..and every single time I had an issue with my phone...even WITH their warranty..that I always paid extra for...they would not fix my phone..I cant say I would never go back to them..i would if they would take care of their cust. service dept.. I signed up with AT&T,now.. / Close. Welcome to Discover. 100% U.S. Based Customer Service. Secure Account Log In. Please complete all fields below

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IF YOU WANT HELP, GO THROUGH SALES, THEY ANSWER RIGHT AWAY IF THEY THINK YOU WANT TO BUY SOMETHING!! JUST LIKE ALL CORPORATIONS, ONLY INTERESTED IN PROFITS, NOT INTERESTED IN PROVIDING SERVICE TO THOSE LOYAL CUSTOMERS. SWITCHING PLANS TODAY!!!We deserve a resolution to the matter. I can be reached at 401-419-4905 or at the above mailing address. I do not wish to have to pursue this matter on a legal level but your failure to show any inclination you will remedy the situation may leave us no choice. Customers can request support by email to our service center (servicecenter@verizon.com). During an emergency the Verizon network operation center (NOC) can be reached by telephone at +1.. —–Original Message—– From: Richard B Sent: Thu Mar 22 08:39:16 EDT 2012 To: vzwkanaCustServiceSE@GL.Verizonwireless.com

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after thankgiving not going be happy why pick company you would stick it with flip flopback and fore people-new year 2016 okWent in your main store on SPID, to talk to someone about my cell plan. Cricket and AT&T are going to offer a new plan, and I need some extra data time. At 70yo money is tight. Anyway,walked in,girl took my name and said someone would be with me shortly. 4 customers, 6 employees,and waited a long time,nobody really cared. Saw a $499.00 watch,and asked a girl putting up a few trinkets,and she never looked at me,just said it was a phone. Could care less. Have had Verizon for a long time and usually talk to a guy named Rick,who actually takes an interest in his customers. Need more like him. Walked out,without being waited on. this is what destroys a customer base. nobody likes being ignored.you come here but you not happy [verizon] there other company out there att and etc-prepaid cell phone your choice ok quit crying ok

Verizon Undoubtedly has the worst customer service in the world. No way to contact them via email. They give you numbers to call (Well Duh) My phone is out, third time this week and it happens every month. It is not my phone, it is Verizon’s land line.I have been considering changing to Verizon. I have 4 cell phones, an ipad and a landline that I wanted to change. I could never get anyone on the phone to help me. Also….last straw…..a friend that has Verizon has a serious problem where someone has been able to hack his phone/data plan and Verizon refuses to help him! I will stay with AT&T where I have better customer service.Cablevision win in Phone Features Verizon win in Internet Features for faster Internet Verizon win in TV Package Features Cablevision win in Customer Support/Technical Before switching back to Verizon we used to have Time Warner for a much lower rate but constantly we lost services for no reason and each time it would take many days for Verizon service staff to show up and do the repair. We then had no choice but to switch back to Verizon, whose sales person promised us that it would be $200 per month just like Time Warner. However, Verizon has been charging us $300 per month instead. When I called Verizon, Verizon acknowledged that there was an over $30 dollar per month discount and deducted it from the bill on the spot. We don’t see that it has ever again been deducted from the bill.

you have the worst service and customer service available. I cancelled my phone for my business with you. on October 29th I asked that you discontinue my service. at 1149 s military Hwy 23320 J&T auto sports. trying to also fax in that request due to we have moved on October 30th 2015I am receiving text messages every time someone changes their status on Facebook, why is this happening? Just started today! The Service Center Operations Directorate (SCOPS) has five service centers (California, Nebraska The service centers and the NBC do not provide in-person assistance with questions about your case Like the standard customer support number, you will be directed through the call so that you can be linked up with a Verizon support agent that best suits your needs.[2] X Research source

It isn’t very often I get to say something nice about Customer Service but I thought I would pass this along. On June 9th I spoke to Christine about some billing issues. She was very helpful and resolved my problem. Then, on June 10th, I was trying to install a digital adapter and was fortunate enough to get Jerry who was very patient with me and talked me through the whole process. Mission accomplished. Wish there were more like them. You can call Verizon Wireless Customer Support the Verizon Wireless 800 Phone Number given here and solve your queries. Or some suggestions about Verizon Wireless Customer Service Repairman arrived and proceeded to remove wiring and equipment that was installed and paid for previously by myself. I informed him that I had this extra wiring and box installed at second story level so as not to be cut by burglar making alarm system inoperable. He instantly became irate and combative but when I insisted he call his superviser and reinstall my property, he stomped back and forth told me he was to repair his damaged work back to how it was but than cut every wire outside the home , removed my dummy box I had , jumped in his verizon truck and drove thru my yard, the neighbors yard and driveway curb tore and sped out to the road and left! I called the cops to report this NUT and spent two and a half hours on phone trying to report his behavior and get phone fixed to no success the day before Thanksgiving. This company should not be still in business with this display and property damage!Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked * You definetly are publishing my name and e mail It still is on required fields as 12.33 Ca timeVerizon Wireless is a rip off!!!!!I have been trying for over three damn hours to speake with someone to assist me in transferring a thirty-five dollar card that i purchased for a phone that stopped freaking working to a new phone, but they keep giving me the run around. Lord, help me!!!!!I,ve spoken to people that i can,t understand their language. Plus, I was given several numbers that don,t work. English Verizon!!!! Had this phone not have belonged to my eighty-nine year old mother, i would have said with the hell to verizon after the first asshole that gave me no satisfaction! Trust and believe, i will never purchase anything affiliated with this company, and neither will the people that i associate with.Especially,in Mound Bayou,Ms.

why can’t I talk to a person on the phone I’ve been on computer and phone for 90 min. can’t get help from either why can’t you a simple number to call when having a problem makes people want to change servicesThe main website for Verizon customer service is http://www.verizonwireless.com. You can log in to your account, make a payment, schedule future payments, add a line and more. If you are having trouble with your Verizon phone or account, you can contact customer service from the main website as well. 출국 4~6주(최소 2주) 전에 보건소 또는 종합병원(감염내과, 여행자 클리닉)을 방문하여 상담 및 필요한 예방접종(예방약)을 받아주시기 바랍니다.

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I am extremely upset that I can not reach any one in person through verizon to handle a bill they are charging me for since June and will not disconnect my services as requested the first week of June. My past balance now they say is 255.55. I am furious I can not reach anyone and the supervisor never returned my call after reviewing my request. My co worker just did a small claims court and won!! Plus some exra money. It looks as if I will have to do the same. It’s a shame since I had been a customer since 1989. Verizon is going down hill. Earn the trust of your customers by leveraging the SOVA and Verizon partnership. A partner with Verizon for over 27 years, we've developed a master agency program based on knowledge, expertise.. I am pissed off that every time since before Christmas I have e mailed my family members who have your verizon.net and my e mail keeps coming back as anti spam. It seems I can’t answer their e mailsWe again demand that Verizon send us by email all bills and payments we have made so far for the last 12 months. We reserve the right to take legal proceedings against Verizon for our damages Verizon has caused us. See how to do customer service on a big scale. We'll go over Amazon, Verizon and Comcast customer service and how they handle thousands of questions daily I see you tasteless OATH TV commercial over and over, with IQ 70(or lower) background music saying “I kick it” over and over. Don’t know what market you are trying to reach, but isn’t anyone I know. Social engineering and commercials don’t mix.

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